We will be collecting food between now and June 28th for Whosoever Gospel Mission.  Below is a list of requested items.  Snacks are appreciated as well.  The plan has changed a bit.   Feel free to bring food items to the church anytime between now through the 28th.  At Crossroads, please put them in the pastor’s office.  Pastor Bill will be taking the food down on July 1st.


  • salad dressing (all kinds – we have a fresh salad every lunch and dinner, so we go through a lot!)

  • Sloppy Joe Sauce (canned)

  • Beef Ravioli

  • Beef Stew

  • Sugar (bags that are 10 lbs or smaller)

  • Boxed scalloped/au gratin potatoes (we use about 18 boxes for one meal)

  • Boxed stuffing (we use 18 boxes for one meal)

  • Boxed mac and cheese (we use about 30 boxes per meal)

  • Cream of chicken soup (condensed – this is great for cooking casseroles and whatnot)