Our Story


Crossroads Fellowship Church (formerly known as The Reformed Church of Willow Grove) was formally organized in Jan 1810 on Crown Street above Race Street, as "The Evangelical Reformed Congregation of the City and Vicinity of Philadelphia." The church joined the RCA in May 1813 and took the title "First Reformed Protestant Dutch Church of the City and Vicinity of Philadelphia."

As our church has grown, so has our love for God and the people of the greater Willow Grove area.  Our ministries include discipleship groups, a nursery school and a thriving youth group. And we encourage our members to be the hands and feet of Jesus at work, in their neighborhoods, as a part of other Willow Grove community organizations and through partnerships with missions organizations around the world.

Our church is a member of The Reformed Church in America, Delaware-Raritan Classis, which was originally known as the Dutch Reformed Church. It made its appearance in this country in 1628, thus making it the oldest continuous Protestant church in America. We belong to that worldwide family of churches that are Reformed in faith and Presbyterian in their form of government. Our local congregation is administered by a consistory made up of elders and deacons elected by the church members.

What To Expect


Worship services are casual at Crossroads Fellowship Church. Many people wear jeans  or dress "business casual."  Our services include music both contemporary and hymns.  A pastor or elder teaches a bible-based message with practical application to help you live out your faith during the week.  Some services we celebrate communion, but there’s no pressure to participate if you don’t want to.  Services are usually a little under an hour, and then you’re welcome to hang out and talk with people afterwards

If you have children under the age of 3, we have a team of loving, trained volunteers in our secure nursery area.  For children 3 years old through 5th grade, we have Children’s Church - a fun, up-beat service that includes music, games and a bible lesson taught at their level.  We encourage middle school and high school students, to join their parents in adult service.

Our Staff


Heidi Hankel,  Pastor

Heidi has pastored several congregations in the greater Philadelphia area over the last 15 years.  She is a graduate of Neshaminy High School, Philadelphia Biblical University, and Princeton Seminary.  Heidi's focus on discipleship and creating new expressions of church brings a unique perspective to innovating church.  She is an avid reader and musician and enjoys spending time with her husband and daughter.

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Cindy McGuigan,  Nursery School Director

grace profile pic

Grace Yun,  Accompianist

Our Beliefs



The Holy Spirit and the Scriptures are our basis for living life and loving others.  If you've ever struggled with things you've read in the Scriptures, so have we.  We recognize that the Scriptures are the inspired Word of God, but even the Scriptures bow to Jesus.  So while there's a lot written in the Bible, we look to see how Jesus lives it out and take our cues from Jesus.


We are HOLY HOT MESSES and need connection to something bigger than ourselves.  Praying keeps us centered, hopeful and reminds us that we are not alone in this life no matter how helpless we may feel.  It is our connection and lifeline everyday that helps us see outside ourselves and focus on the bigger picture and our community.


We believe that humans were created in the image of God and still bear that image to this day despite our faults. Every person matters - and especially the people that society has rejected and outcasted.  Jesus made those who were oppressed, outcasted and rejected a priority and said they will be first in the Kingdom of God; therefore, we seek to put others first.


Identity is something that changes over the course of our lifetimes and while people have many labels they identify as, Jesus sees only the image of God in us.  Jesus welcomes all no matter their nationality, gender identity or status in life.  Jesus was radically inclusive and we seek to be as well so come as you are.


Some days Jesus makes more sense to us than others.  We are walking on a faith journey where we discover who God is, what God's values are and how we can live this out in ways that bring blessing, joy and hope to our communities.  We choose to gather together and walk this journey of faith together supporting, encouraging, and uplifting each other as we go.